Think before reacting emotionally!

Think before speaking!

Think before acting!

Think before buying!

Think before joining a group!

Think before giving into group pressure!

Think before investing!

Think about your purpose in life!

Think about your target!

Think about your parents!

Think about what your parents have made for you!†


It is because of this, children and some people are hopelessly ingrates!

If you are too gentle you will not shock them out of their complacency.

By the time you wake up, your life will pass you by.

If I don't shock you by the time you wake up you will be jobless, poor and homeless!

Wake up!

To live life without a purpose is to live life on a yacht ... drifting

Inevitable drifting will lead you to starve to death.


To live life without a purpose is like flying a plane without a direction!

It will run out of fuel and crash with you in it!

Think before having a sexual relationship.

Think who you are going to marry!

Is the person responsible?

Does the person have emotional control?

Does the person spend money wisely?

If a person spends without thinking your partner will lead you into perpetual debt.

No Car.

No House.

No Money.

No Future.

Think before you marry.

Think my dear friend. Think!

-†Maha Atma Choa Kok Sui as given to Charlotte Anderson,†

17 March 2007

© 2014, Charlotte Anderson, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.